Antimicrobial Protection


We have developed several innovative ingrediends that provide microbiological protection for practically every final product. Ingrediends based on nanosilver, nanocopper, nano zinc oxide, nano titanium dioxide and their combinations allow to obtain products with properties of self-cleaning from bacterial and fungal microflora in all conditions.

The developed nano additives have been designed for maintaining final products manufacturing processes (they constitute only a small percentage of the final product’s mass and do not require the use of any additional devices). Colloid is a type of suspension in which particles suspended in a solvent have a size not exceeding 100 nm. The fineness (dispersion) of
the dispersed substance is so great that the suspension gives the impression of a homogeneous solution.

Small size of components stops proces of particles falling to the bottom of the container – this guarantees their retention in the solvent. Our knowledge and technologies used in particles production allow us to obtain nano components in powder form. The main advantage of using this solution is excellent properties even with a small addition of

Polymer granules with active silver particles.

Polymer masterbatch created in our laboratory is a product with proven biocidal activity of silver against bacteria and fungal spores. Silver and
its components are characterized by very high
efficiency and durability. Innovative nano products allow to obtain
antimicrobial, self-cleaning, antistatic, hydrophobic and UV-blocking properties.

We have broad offer of polymer materials enriched with silver for direct use in production. The technology we are using allows us to silver
saturation of materials based on: PE, HDPE, LDPE, UHDPE, PP, PC, PVC, PLA, PGA, PMMA and others. Thanks to this, there is no need to modify production processes, but only the use of a small additive in the mass of the
raw material.

Depending on the silver content of the finished product, we achieve different levels of microbiological protection. Below are sample
applications in the final product: 1-5 ppm – protection of the plastic structure against the negative effects of bacteria 80-120 ppm – biostatic effect – inhibition of bacterial colony growth on the surface of the
material 150-400 ppm – biocidal effect – elimination of bacterial colonies on the surface of the material

The effectiveness of the antibacterial nanosilver particles over the surface of functionalised polymer has been confirmed in rigorous tests made according to the international standard ISO 22.196: “Plastics. – Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics surface. “The advantage of active silver over regular chemical agents is its permanent action associated with the systematic release of silver ions that destroy cells of microorganisms. The
surface modified with active silver prevents microbes growth and minimizes the risk of infection.

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