Self-disinfecting surfaces


The application of nano silver for ceramic and conglomerate bathroom products as well as glazed ceramic tiles and stoneware will allow manufacturers to create innovative lines of self-disinfecting products.

The new solution developed in our laboratory does not change the appearance, aesthetics or use of finished products. Such products can permanently protect the user against microbial infection. Silver particles are immobilised in the product structure, thanks to which the activity
life is infinite. The abrasion damages during product usage does not affect the effectiveness of producti, because each subsequent layer are
highly enriched with active nano silver particles.


Ceramics with active protection properties are necessary everywhere where the danger of spreading bacteria and fungi is high. Investors
or individual users expect that surface of products will exhibit the highest safety standards and materials with biostatic or biocidal properties are highly recommended for:
• gastronomic locals
• kitchens
• bathrooms
• public and private toilets
• locker rooms
• pools
• health care facilities


The application process involves dosage the nanocomponent directly to the raw material during the process of grinding the enamel or mixing the resin. The component composition is developed individually for each manufacturer.

The whole process from making the decision of implementation of our technology, until obtaining final products is possible to be sucessfully
finished within 3-4 months.

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