Hydrophobic coatings, Hydrophobic impregnantes

Nanoparticles in our products deeply penetrate the functionalised substrate. The resulting strong hydrophobic layer prevents the water
uptake and dirt residues formations, thanks to which the hydrophobized surface remains clean, aesthetic and have better durability. Our impregnates, despite strong protection, allow the diffusion of steam and other gases. Thanks to this, the substrate keep „breathable”.
Our products have been developed with a requirement of largely reduce the negative impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the environment.

Product nameProduct information
Nano TextilWater-repellent impregnation for securing textile materials
Nano WindowHydrophobic protection of glass surfaces
Nano Window PlusPreparation for hydrophobic protection of glass surfaces - improved formul
Nano ShowerWater-repellent coating for the impregnation of glass in a shower cubicle
Nano Shower PlusHydrophobic coating for glass impregnation in the shower - improved formula
Nano TitanWater-repellent impregnation to protect metal and chrome surfaces
Nano GranitePreparation for the care of granite and granite sinks
Nano Granite PlusPreparation for impregnation of natural and artificial granite surfaces
Anty-ParaCoating protecting against condensation of water vapor
LeatherPreparation for the care and impregnation of natural and artificial leather
Satin GoldFurniture liquid - care