Hydrophobic impregnate, Hydrophobic coating

Impregnatie is a product for protecting of coated surface against for example, water penetration, resistance to chemicals or dirt. Impregnation can be done on any surface made on textile, wood, glass, steel or mineral substances.

Moisture is crucial for the mechanisms of degradation of many types of materials and the presence of water has a destructive effect on
any substrate and enables the growing of bacteria, fungi, mildew and algae. Water is also the main reason of corrosion on metal surfaces
and cause lose of transparency in glass.

The latest, non-invasive form of protecting almost every surfaces is hydrophobic impregnation. This method effectively reduces the harmful effects of water and gives excellent protective properties. The hydrophobic coating provides a more attractive appearance, significantly extends the service life of surfaces and gives for the glass surfaces self-cleaning
properties. The hydrophobic impregnation reduces the formation of dirt residues, increases scratch resistance, reduces the negative impact
of chemicals, road salt or acid rain on car paint.

“HadwaoNet” hydrophobic coatings, which can be purchased in the online store hhttps://sklep.hadwao.net, prevent water uptake into the substrate, are completely resistant to UV radiation as well as significant temperature


The hydrophobic impregnant creates a strongly hydrophobic nanolayer, however, allowing the of steam and other gases removal from protected
material. Thanks to this, the substrate remain „breathable”. Nanoparticles contained in our hydrophobic coatings are smaller than pores in
protected materials, thanks to which they deeply penetrate into protected surface and permanently bond to it at molecular scale.

In summary, the hydrophobic impregnation prevents:
• freeze damage,
• corrosion
• mineral efflorescence on the concrete surface,
• harmful impact of acid rains,
• microbial expansion,
• fabric fading