Nanocomponents Applications

The basic adventage of our technologies is the simplicity of nanocomponents application processes: add and stir.
The technology application process:

  1. The manufacturer provides brief, general information on the chemical composition of the raw material (no recipe details) and they
    physical samples
  2. After testing, the laboratory prepares samples of the nanocomponent, necessary to make a trial batch of final products
  3. The manufacturer should send functionalised product samples for testing in the external laboratory of his choice for developing the
    appropriate documentation or certificate
  4. We agree delivery rules and details of industrial application processes
  5. The nanocomponent is dosed in the liquid or dry powder form, highly enriched with nanoparticles or nanocomposites
  6. Depending on the used technology, the biocidal properties will are present in the entire product structure or in the selected layer.