Non-ionic coloidal nanosilver

Silver is a precious metal whose use and properties have been known for hundreds of ears. In ancient times, food and drink containers have been made with silver alloys. It reduced the risk of food poisoning. Current
technology allows the full use of metal in unprecedented applications.

Silver nanoparticles cause extensive damage to the biological structures of microorganisms. As a result, bacterias and other microorganisms are
unable to colonize the surface of products functionalised with silver nanoparticles. Surfaces containing colloidal silver effectively
eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

• cosmetic products,
• pharmaceutical products, e.g. in anti-acne
products, which high bactericidal properties
• biocidal and bactericidal products
• ceramic products, e.g. bactericidal bathroom
• construction products, e.g. facade protection
against mildew and algae growth,
• plastics, e.g. silver nanoparticles, used for the
production of ventilation ducts in air-conditioning

The nano silver particles we offer take the form of colloidal suspension or powders (for industrial applications). The diameter of silver particles produced in our laboratory is around 5-15 nm, thanks to which they uniformly functionalise the whole mass of product.